• Ice your hemorrhoids the easy way!
    Quickly reduces the size of your hemorrhoids giving you comfort and allowing you to carry on with your day
  • Take your doctor’s advice
    Doctors often recommend that you ice your hemorrhoids, but they don’t tell you how! Hemorrwedge makes icing comfortable and easy.


Anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids has a million reasons to buy the Hemorrwedge, we feel your pain, that's why we developed the product, to help others.

  1. Quickly reduces the size of your hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids are swollen veins, and ice can reduce both their size and the intense pain associated with them. The Hemorrwedge is a comfortable gel ice pack you can use over and over.

  2. Easy, discreet and comfortable to use

    Gently place a Hemorrwedge next to your hemorrhoids for quick relief. After you use it, wash it with warm, soapy water, dry it and place it in your freezer in the sealable Hemorrwedge container.

    We supply you with two Hemorrwedges so one can be chilling while the other one is in use.

    Each set comes with a sealable Hemorrwedge container for hygienic storage.

  3. Does not leak or change shape

    Hemorrwedge offers a perfect ergonomic fit, retains its shape and does not leak

  4. Deters internal hemorrhoids from swelling and becoming external hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids are at the most uncomfortable stage once they “pop out.” Using Hemorrwedge at the first signal of pain can help reduce swelling at an early stage.

  5. Follow your doctor’s advice and ice your hemorrhoids

    Doctors often recommend icing your hemorrhoids to reduce swelling and pain, but that is nearly impossible to accomplish with a bag full of hard ice cubes or a lumpy gel pack.

    Now Hemorrwedge gives you a comfortable option that places relief right where you need it.