• Ice your hemorrhoids - the easy way!
    Instantly reduces the size of your hemorrhoids giving you comfort and allowing you to carry on with your day
  • Take your doctor’s advice
    Every doctor’s first words are to ice your hemorrhoids, but they don’t tell you how. Hemorrwedge - now you know!


Anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids has a million reasons to buy the Hemorrwedge, we feel your pain, that's why we developed the product, to help others.

  1. Instantly reduces the size of your hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids are swollen veins, and as with any swelling the most effective way to reduce it is with ice, the Hemorrwedge is a gel ice pack you can use over and over

  2. Easy, discreet and comfortable to use

    No more placing ice cubes in a bag and sitting on the uncomfortable edges whilst water leaks everywhere

  3. Does not leak or change shape

    Hemorrwedge is a perfect ergonomic fit, retains it’s shape and does not leak

  4. Prevents internal hemorrhoids swelling in size to become external

    Hemorrhoids are at the most uncomfortable stage once they “pop out” – prevent this happening by acting early with the Hemorrwedge

  5. Follow your doctors advice and ice your hemorrhoids

    It’s common knowledge that ice is the best remedy to reduce Hemorrhoids, but nobody ever explains just how you apply ice to that area, now you know – Hemorrwedge